HQ Design + Build | Quinn Design

HQ Design + Build is a full service, residential design/build company specializing in full home remodels and large renovations. We also cater to focused projects such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, or additions. We believe in full transparency and honesty in our work, if we wouldn’t put it in our houses we wouldn’t recommend it for yours.

Our approach is to reinvent remodeling. It’s scary, messy, and can be costly… But it’s your house, with your money and we want to make every dollar count for you and how you use your home. Brandon Witzel is our designer that works with you to take your concept and turn it into a realistic plan on how it will function within your day to day life. John Huberg is our general contractor that takes a concept and turns it into a reality. Brandon & John have worked together for nearly 7 years on everything from a house repainting to an entire house deconstruction and rebuild.

Experience a different approach to remodeling, with today’s resources you can be as involved and engaged as you’d like to be. We’ll guide you from start to finish making the most of your experience and money.