407 Stonebridge Lofts

WE PAIRED WITH A LOCAL architect to create this ultra modern yet homey design at 407 Stonebridge. Looking outside of the ‘norm’ we imported the cabinetry material, called Treefrog, from Italy. Its rarity & vibrant colors make it stand out as not only modern, but timeless. Mixed with stainless steel, custom made in Texas, it … Continue reading 407 Stonebridge Lofts

808 Stonebridge Lofts

STORAGE IS KING IN THIS 1,800 square foot condo. Cabinet depths & heights were maximized to gain every square inch we could find without overwhelming the space. The material used is mix between stained birch and a thermofoil (formed plastic) from Northern Contours of St. Paul, MN. The birch brings in the earth element to make it cozy while the … Continue reading 808 Stonebridge Lofts

4352 Vincent Ave

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