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About Quinn Design

Founded by Brandon Witzel, Quinn Design offers a range of premier services including: staging, flips, design, and corporate development. We strive to exceed client expectations by mixing practical function and unique design, creating properties that increase in value and quality. Quinn Design has successfully completed and consulted on over 1,000 projects and counting!

What we do

Our premium services

Quinn Design aims to meet the needs of complex and sophisticated client requests through an awareness of current and future market trends. The overall objective is to strategically implement processes that make work-flow efficient through the use of contractors, developers, technicians, and other team members.

We provide flip properties for public sale or to private homeowners with a simple motto to guide us – “If we wouldn’t put it in our house, we won’t put it in yours!” We recycle as many materials as possible while still staying true to the bones of the house. But, let’s be honest, we all want the conveniences of modern luxuries, so we make sure to add in some updates as well.

Our unique approach to staging inspires us to show not what is expected, but rather a look that is unique and inviting. Neutral colors with splashes of bold accents throughout the home draw your eye around the house vs. strictly to the furniture placed. We offer a range of options, from simple side chairs & accent lights, to a full staging of your entire house. Click here to learn more about our staging process. 


Some would say the kitchen is the most important room of the house, and we agree! We aim to fulfill our clients vision of creating a beautiful, yet functional kitchen that is perfect for daily use and entertainment. 
work we did

Recent Projects

5705 Code Ave

Design & Build, Kitchens, Recent Projects, Staging

Portland Ave Condo

Design & Build, Recent Projects, Staging

407 Stonebridge Lofts

Design & Build, Recent Projects

808 Stonebridge Lofts

Design & Build, Recent Projects

4352 Vincent Ave

Design & Build, Recent Projects

3735 Washburn

Design & Build, Kitchens, Recent Projects

3108 Bryant Ave

Kitchens, Recent Projects
how we work

Work Process

  • 01
    Meet Brandon
    Meet with Brandon and discuss your future project and what you can expect from the Quinn Design team!
  • 02
    Design Scope
    What will your project be? A kitchen remodel? A new bathroom? A whole house? During this phase we will nail down the layout and design sections of the project.
  • 03
    Project Scope
    Once we know how you want your project to look, we will put together budgets, pricing, and timelines.
  • 04
    Start Project
    This is the exciting part. With all the details ironed out, the project can begin!
  • 05
    Project Completion
    Your project is finished! We do a final punch list and walk through with Brandon and the Quinn Design team.